Your resume may be the first impression a potential employer will have of you. Although standing out in the job market may seem difficult, a well written resume is the key to getting hired for any position.

Here are some tips that will be your best bet to get your resume noticed:

Less Is More:

  • Don’t overload your resume
  • Keep to 1-2 page maximum

Cover Letter:

  • It is favorable to have a cover letter, however, unless specifically instructed to include one you do not have to write one
  • It’s a good introduction to help you stand out even before the employer views your resume

Highlight Skills:

  • Include skills you’ve acquired that the company you’re applying to is looking for
  • Do not lie about the skills you’ve attained


  • A header will draw the employer’s eye
  • Emphasize your name in 16 or 18 pt font and make it bold
  • Use a professional format with font consisting of Garamond, Arial, or Times New Roman
  • Should include your name, phone number, current address, and email

Tell A Story:

  • Allow your resume to tell a story, show how you’ve grown over your years of experience
  • Begin with Education, Employment History, Accomplishments, Capabilities, and end with References

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