‘Purpose’ is Driving Value for Employees

two masked men discussing company purpose

4 Ways to Embed ‘Purpose’ in a Company

As businesses around Poughkeepsie reawaken and get back into rhythm, it’s important to be aware of the shifting values of today’s working demographic. Purpose’ now drives value for employees.

Younger generations are more sensitive to the mission and strategy of their workplace. It makes sense – younger generations are more educated and skilled than ever, and they enter the workforce with an expectation to make an impact. From a recruiting perspective, companies that have created a profound sense of purpose for their employees are especially attractive to young, ambitious talent because of the prospective impact that they can have on the world through their careers. In addition, purpose-driven companies have strong cultures and create value for their shareholders, customers, and employees. Purpose, mission, and values are strategic business elements that guide organizational behavior to achieve their ultimate goals. They help guide business decisions, dictate policy, and shape employee behavior to foster culture within the workplace. Culture is the ROI of establishing organizational purpose. The hallmark of strong company culture is a positive, engaged, and motivated workforce.

What is Purpose? Purpose is why an organization exists. It’s an all-encompassing ode to the organization’s existence in statement form. Purpose addresses a wide set of internal and external stakeholders who go beyond profits and shareholder value.

Purpose is not to be confused with the company’s mission, which is a narrower headline of what an organization strives to accomplish. Although purpose and mission are similar concepts, it can be helpful to clarify one from the other in the process of identifying what the purpose of your organization is. Purpose is broad. A company’s mission is narrow and specific. Employers that implement purpose successfully have employees who are excited about their work because they understand the broader impact of their individual role in society. Last but not least, values are what an organization believes. They are often a shortlist of statements or words that dictate behaviors that guide decision-making.

4 Ways to Embed Purpose in a Company

  1. Create a clear purpose, mission, and values statement.
  2. Align your purpose, mission, and values with your business strategy. Create products, services, and experiences that are in line with these banner statements
  3. Create purposeful jobs. This can be in the form of singular roles that are inherently purposeful given the leveling of the role and its contribution to the company, or purpose through growth potential and ample opportunities for forwarding progression in one’s career. Regardless of title, every employee should have specific KPIs and performance metrics to hold them accountable and incentivized.
  4. Align processes and systems. Tailor engagement and all company communications to the banner statements. Although the idea can sound trite, the process of reiterating purpose, mission, and values into company jargon is a process of culture-building in itself. The companies that are the most iconic have built culture well.

Finding employer purpose has two components. It requires creating a sense of purpose for employees in addition to guiding employees towards their own purpose. Feeling stuck? Below are five questions to help employees identify their own sense of purpose:

  1. What are you good at?
  2. What do you enjoy?
  3. What feels most useful?
  4. What creates a sense of forward momentum?
  5. How do you relate to others?

Purpose is an employee engagement driver. Employees who feel a sense of purpose in their work tend to be happier, healthier, and more productive. At SMART Staffing Group, Inc., we help local businesses implement purpose within their talent strategy. As a certified Minority and Woman-Owned business, we have served employers of the Hudson Valley in their talent and recruiting needs since 2014. We match talented professionals in Poughkeepsie, NY, with fulfilling careers for the modern world.