3 Tips for Salary Negotiations

Manager and employee negotiating salary

Whether you’re negotiating your initial salary or gunning for a promotion, it’s important to get what you’re worth. Employers are always looking for ways to save money, so if you don’t have strong negotiation skills, you could end up missing out.

Earning the salary you deserve is an important part of job success, so you should never overlook negotiation opportunities. Today we’ll discuss how to negotiate salary during a job offer and during future negotiations so you can get what you’re worth.

Salary Negotiation Tips

A shocking number of people never attempt to negotiate their salary. However, this is something you should consider before accepting any job offer and during each performance review.
The most important thing to remember is to be clear and direct about what you want. Come prepared for your salary negotiation, and you could be surprised by the results. Here are some additional salary negotiation tips so you can get the wage you deserve.

Know Your Value

Understanding what your skills are worth is one of the best tips on salary negotiation available. If you’re going to get the wage you deserve, you need to come armed with the knowledge of how much you should be making.

Do your research ahead of time to come up with comparable salaries in your area. If you enter your salary negotiation without a number in mind, you’re completely at the mercy of the hiring manager.

Look on sites like Glassdoor to find the salary range for similar jobs in your area and walk into your negotiation with an exact number in mind that matches your worth.

Start With the Top of the Range

When you enter your negotiation, start by suggesting a salary at the top of your personal range. Do your research ahead of time to know what people are being paid for your position based on location.

When it comes time to discuss salary, suggest the higher end of the range for your skills. You may get what you asked for, but it’s more likely your employer will negotiate a lower salary. This reality means you’ll want to have some wiggle room, and suggesting a top salary for your position will give you some flexibility to work with.

Talk With Recruiters

A great way to learn your value and what other people are being paid in your area is to answer those pesky recruiter calls. Recruiters are always discussing salary ranges for people they’re connecting with, so they are in the unique position to know your worth.

If you’re job hunting and have landed an interview, it’s still worth your time to speak with a recruiter about what you can expect during salary negotiation and what you should ask for. This approach can help you come up with a precise figure to bring into your negotiation.

Connect With Employers in Your Area

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