Tips and Tricks to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

Working from home although useful can present some difficulties. Here are some tips and tricks to help workers feel engaged when working remotely.

The last couple of years have introduced us to working from home, which presents many benefits but can cause problems within a company including social and communication issues. With the freedom workers now have it can be hard to make sure every employee is putting in effective work and contributing just as much as they would in the office. Here are some tips to help workers stay engaged throughout remote work. 


Host Virtual Meetings/ Casual Video Calls 

There is no more walking past an employee in the office to just say hello so hopping on a video call just to see how your employees are doing can make all the difference. Just how being in the office is not business 24/7, remote work shouldn’t be either. Starting the day with a casual call to your team saying hello and just catching up can ease the feeling of loneliness that working remotely can bring.  

Acknowledge Employee Success 

When success is found remotely acknowledging a job well done can keep pushing employees to go the extra mile. There are many ways an employee can be acknowledged whether that is a simple shout out on a team meeting, setting goals and celebrating when they are achieved and utilizing social media to announce success. Giving a little motivation for an employee to put the extra work in will not only keep workers engaged but rather push them to complete their best work.  

Keep Communication Strong  

Now that we are no longer having face to face communication, getting quick responses has been proven difficult as emails and zoom calls are the only way to get answers. Being remote can have its challenges in communication so always being attentive with employees can ease the process of getting work done. Just as you want your employees to be engaged throughout the workday you must too if you want to keep interaction high. Quick responses to emails and casual video calls to answer questions will keep workers focused on the task at hand instead of sitting at their desks waiting for your response. Encouraging communicating daily and asking even simple questions can lead the team in the right direction. 


It seems that working from home is here to stay so adjusting from all the old habits of working in an office will be a challenge but getting effective work out of employees is definitely attainable. These are just some of the numerous examples to keep employees engaged but the most important aspect of remote work is making it feel as similar to working in an office as possible.