7 In-Demand Skills Employers Are Searching for in 2021

Employee learning new skills

New York employers recruiting for open positions are seeing a massive influx of applicants, and you need the skills to stand out. With the right skills, you can be the perfect puzzle piece for the hole they’re trying to fill. This article will discuss seven of some of the most commonly desired skills employers are searching for in 2021.

Cloud-Based Services

If you get hired, you need to be ready for remote work. That means you need to comfortably use and navigate any cloud-based services the company may rely on. Google Workspace is a prime example of this and one that many companies are using currently. If you can work remotely while keeping your mission-critical documents organized and accessible on the cloud, you are on the right path.

Data Analytics and KPI

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are the numbers that determine the success of your work. You need to be comfortable with whatever data tracking service is necessary to track your KPIs so that you can assess your work and plan ahead. With the ability to read, interpret, and explain important data like this, you can better predict the results of a project and determine the best way to boost those numbers.


With more and more work going online, you need to be able to talk with your team and supervisor. Because you may not be physically present to walk and talk, you need to be comfortable tracking down and scheduling time with your coworkers, whether you have a simple question or you need to nail down important details for a project.

Project Management

While most businesses will designate project leads for a given project, not all of them do. More and more companies are relying on their employees to be mini-leaders. Or, you might find yourself at the helm of a solo project.

In any case, you would be responsible for completing a project. That means outlining all necessary work and wrangling the resources together to make it happen. If you have a team doing work for you, you need to regularly check in on progress, address any blockers affecting their work, and make sure they reach your specific goals on time.

Time Management

Whether you’re leading a team or working on your own, your employer isn’t always around to check in with you. That means you need to be able to track your own time and manage it effectively. When working independently, there isn’t anyone but yourself to keep you focused. If you can demonstrate excellent time management skills, any potential employer will be happy to have you.


You’ve heard the phrase before一think outside the box. Following directions and getting work done is excellent, but having input is even better. You might find opportunities to provide creative solutions to challenging tasks, or you might have a valuable perspective that nobody else in the room has that could benefit a project. With a bit of imagination, you could be the secret ingredient to a project’s success.

Problem Solving

Projects don’t always go according to plan. A software limitation could prevent your work from launching in its current state, or oversight might be hurting your project. No matter the issue, being able to think quickly and propose/implement solutions is essential when things go wrong.

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