Surprising Benefits of a Temp-to-Hire Arrangement

Temp to Hire

New York is filled with talented, well-educated people who have passion for their chosen careers. It seems like finding exceptional employees would be easy, but employers know that is rarely the case. One of the most efficient ways to overcome an employee shortage is to use a temporary-to-hire arrangement. Temp-to-hire workers can fill in seasonal gaps or carry out the responsibilities of a full-time employee who is currently on leave. No matter the reason you opt to explore temp-to-hire arrangements, you’ll find that there are many benefits to choosing temporary workers.

Save Time on Recruiting

The process of hiring a temporary worker is incredibly fast with a temp-to-hire arrangement. An employer can immediately fill crucial positions that are necessary to keep their business operating without endless rounds of recruiting and interviewing. A temp-to-hire employee can learn a company’s protocols and policies while fulfilling a necessary job. Once the employee is comfortable with the ins and outs of the job and the employer is satisfied with their work, they can discuss the possibility of a permanent role.

Find Staffing that Fits

An employer can do everything right and still end up with the wrong employee. They can recruit fantastic candidates, ask smart interview questions, and provide excellent training only to realize after a few months that the new employee simply isn’t a great fit. The same is true for the employee who does all the right research and still ends up accepting a position with a company they don’t feel happy working for long-term. All of this can be avoided with temp-to-hire staff. Temporary contracts are typically short, and an employer is under no obligation to dismiss a temporary worker when the contract is up.

Avoid Benefit Costs

Since they are not permanent employees, temp-to-hire workers are not eligible for health care coverage, paid vacation days, or other benefits. New York employers are still obligated to pay overtime and worker’s compensation, if applicable. If you do decide to offer a temporary worker a full-time position, you can discuss a benefits package at that time.


Not only do temporary arrangements give an employer the flexibility to dismiss and hire new workers as the needs of the company change, but it also gives them the flexibility to test out a new position.
Position testing is a valuable method to assess the need for a new role in the company. Hiring a temporary worker for a test role gives the employer insight into the impact, benefits, and drawbacks of the position.

Enthusiastic Workers

Not every temporary-to-hire worker is looking for a permanent job. Many people enjoy having a temporary status because of the flexibility and diversity it brings to their work life and overall mental health.
Temp-to-hire workers come to the job ready to learn and take on the challenge of a new assignment. If the new company happens to be a bad fit, it’s easy to overcome challenges knowing that they’ll soon be working somewhere else. Temporary workers who are hoping for a permanent position are also eager to please. They are motivated to do a great job and get noticed for all the best reasons.

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