6 Ways to Make Your Application Stand Out for WFH Jobs

Resume Tips

Work-from-home jobs are on the rise, with more and more New York businesses making the shift to the online world every day. Now that remote positions are becoming a staple in the professional landscape, applicants no longer need to live nearby to get considered for a role. That means you have a lot more competition for the position you want than ever before. Don’t worry, though. With a bit of extra effort, you can still stand out. Here are six successful ways to make your application shine.

Make a Personal Website

When designed well, a personal website can market your skills and show off the little details that make you a unique hire. It can also serve as your portfolio, with your best and most recent work at the top. If you’re able to send a link to your website to an employer, they’ll have a much better chance of getting to know you and your work before setting up an interview.

Focus on Your Achievements

When building your resume, it’s easy to get carried away with all the daily tasks and responsibilities you took on in other positions. The problem is that there may be quite a few applicants coming from similar jobs, which means they’ll have equivalent or better experience.

To stand out, you’ll want to focus on all of your accomplishments while filling certain positions. Were you the lead on any significant projects? Did any KPIs boost or improve as a result of your work? By peppering your resume with the results of your work, you will no doubt stand out as a more attractive candidate.

Research the Company

You need to know who you’re dealing with. Learn about your company’s history, its mission, and any work the company has done that resonates with you. For example, if you’re applying to work at a women-owned enterprise, express what that means to you. Use this information and reference it in your cover letter strategically.

When explaining why you’re interested in the position, you can take the opportunity to mention the company’s mission or specific work they’ve done that you want to be a part of. Finding clever ways to include company info will not only show that you’re passionate about the position, but it will also let their recruiting department know you didn’t send a copy/paste form letter.

Get a Referral

A referral is the easiest way to supercharge your application. With a good referral, your resume will practically glow in the dark. So if you have any connections (relatives, friends, old colleagues) working at the company you’re interested in, fantastic. If not, don’t let that stop you!

With networking services like LinkedIn, you can reach out to relevant people or staffing managers within the company and strike up a conversation.

Introduce yourself, explain your interest in the open position, and see if you can secure some time to talk about it. That shows initiative, puts a face to your name, and often results in a considerable advantage. Worst case scenario, you don’t get a reply. In the best-case scenario, you get an advocate inside the company.

Know How to Frame a Shot

A lot of interviews are online now. Many are live and hosted by video conferencing software. Some are merely recorded and sent in. In every case, you need a decent webcam, microphone, and clean shot composition.

Double-check that everything within the view of your webcam is neat, organized, and clean. A messy background can be distracting and risks sending a negative message about you. With a clean, purposefully arranged environment, your interviewer can put all their focus on you.

Always Follow Up

Don’t be shy. A quick email a day or two after sending in an application or right after an interview can make all the difference. All you need to do is thank the company for the opportunity and let the hiring manager know you’re excited to talk in the future. Why is this so effective? Because a massive number of applicants don’t do this. Spend a minute or two to follow up, and you will be miles ahead of your competition.

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