4 Things a Staffing Agency Can Do For Your Business to Make Hiring Easy

Staffing Agency

How many times have you accepted a new hire simply because you didn’t have time to recruit and screen more qualified candidates? Maybe you got lucky, and that new employee turned out to be a great asset for your company — but more than likely, you ended up going through the hiring process again to replace them. Working with a staffing agency streamlines the process of finding and hiring great candidates. By outsourcing hiring, you can use fewer company resources and focus on your top priority—running a successful business.

Here are four things that a staffing agency can do to make hiring easy:

Represent Your Company

An agency with experience knows how to evaluate a company, understand its culture, and fully represent the benefits of working there. To attract top talent, a staffing firm knows that it must “sell” your position, highlighting all of the positives while also being honest about challenges and opportunities.

Recruit the Best Candidates

Effective agencies understand how to build a profile based on your company’s needs. By combining their expertise in recruitment with your expertise in business, an agency is better able to identify and locate candidates that will be a good fit.

A qualified agency will take the time to learn about your business so that they can effectively promote your business to qualified job seekers.

Hiring agencies provide insights that can help you attract the right kind of talent to your company. They can offer advice on the best ways to adjust the parameters of the position to recruit top-tier candidates.

Save Time

On average, it takes about 23 days to find a candidate for an open position. Depending on the everyday responsibilities of your HR team, it can take even longer. A busy hiring manager may wait a day too long to reach out to a potential new hire, only to find they’ve accepted an offer elsewhere — which means the process starts all over again.

Your HR department understands the urgency of recruiting in New York, but top agencies are better able to take the time to do it well. Why? Finding candidates is their only job.
An empty position costs you time and money. Not only are talent agencies motivated to work for you, but they are also motivated to build a great reputation for their own business.

See into the Future

Your company’s staffing needs likely ebb and flow. When you work with a staffing agency, they don’t just develop a plan to hire for one position. They build a proactive strategy so that they can react quickly as your hiring needs change.

Agencies can provide temp-to-hire workers to cover a leave of absence, seasonal staff to handle a summertime rush or top talent for crucial management positions. Working with a talent agency allows you to spend time evaluating qualified candidates — not searching for them.

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