Avoid These Social Media Mistakes When Job Searching

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When job hunting, social media can be one of your best resources. It allows you to connect with potential employers and easily see jobs that fit your skill sets. However, if you’re not careful, you could make social media mistakes that could damage your career.

You may be wondering: Why is social media harmful to job seekers? Below, we’ll discuss some common social media mistakes and how to avoid them when conducting your job search.

Posting Inappropriate Things

Inappropriate posting is one of the most common social media mistakes. Privacy settings can indeed protect you from public eyes, but you never know which connections could allow employers a more advanced look into your social media profile. The bottom line is: If you don’t want employers to see it, you shouldn’t post it.

Rather than using your social media profiles to post material that could be misinterpreted or taken offensively, use them to build your brand. Post about your passions and the ways you’re working to better yourself.

If possible, create posts related to your work skills so employers can easily see you’re passionate about your career, even outside of the office. This tactic can help you remain competitive in the current hiring landscape.

Posting During Working Hours

Another common social media mistake is being heavily active during work hours. If you’re going to interview for a job, it means your potential employer already knows about your current employment.

They can easily check your social media accounts if you’re connected or if you have public profiles. If they see you’re frequently posting during work hours, it can leave a bad first impression and potentially cost you the job.

Connecting Before You Have The Job

Along the same lines, it’s best to avoid connecting with a new employer on social media until you have the job. Of course, you should investigate your new company and learn about their culture, but there is a fine line between being enthusiastic and being pushy.

In your cover letter, reference the company specifically to show your genuine interest. However, it’s best to wait until you actually land the job to connect with your new employer on any platform.

Not Aligning Your Social Media and Resume

Finally, one of the most common social media mistakes is one you probably overlook without even thinking about it. Sites like LinkedIn provide you the opportunity to showcase your skills and work experience. However, they should match what’s on your CV exactly.

It’s easy to forget to update your resume to match your social media profiles, but if you do forget, your potential employer will ask about it during the interview. In the worst-case scenario, those discrepancies can keep you from landing an interview at all because of the confusion.

Keep things simple for your employer and be clear by matching your resume or CV to the skills listed on any social media accounts.

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