What you Should Know on Your First Day at a New Job

It is finally the day you are waiting for, starting your new career! Your first day will be able to set you up for the rest of your time with that company if you are prepared and ready. Here are the main areas of focus that should be considered when planning out your first day on the new job.

What to Wear

You should by now know how you are expected to dress at your first day however if you are still unaware it does not hurt to reach out to a current employee to ask. What you wear will be your first impression in the new office and should be thought out respectfully. You should dress nice your first day in either a dress shirt, pantsuit or skirt and if you notice the other employees are dressed more casually you have the ability to dress more casually on later days. But dressing casual when everyone is dressed up is not a good first impression so make sure what you’re wearing is appropriate and well thought out.

What is your commute?

Since this is your first day working in a new office this will most likely be your first commute and arriving late will lead off on the wrong foot. Time out your drive to work and map out exactly what roads, buses, trains, etc that you will be taking to ensure an early arrival.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

You are not expected to know it all when coming into a new job so have questions ready to ask to avoid mistakes in the future. One simple question can help alleviate a long-term problem. Asking questions will also show you are attentive to your work and interested in succeeding at this new job. Some questions you could ask include:

What is the preferred method of communication here?
Are there any current key projects I should be aware of? What is expected for me to complete in my first week here?

Be polite

This is your first impression of a whole new group of people and if you want to be looked at as another member of the team try branching out and introducing yourself to as many people as possible. Being friendly can go a long way when working with others. Good body language and a smile will help make a good first impression.