Company Culture: How Having a Healthy Workplace Can Attract New Talent

Company Culture

Companies in New York are changing and adapting to keep up with the times, which means working on a healthier workplace. If your company is actively recruiting, you’re competing against countless other companies for new talent. Here’s what you should do to help showcase positive company culture to drive interest from top talent.

Trust Your Employees

Trust is essential to keeping your employees focused and determined. If your workplace is infamous for micromanaging for the sake of monitoring your talent, you can count on a low retention rate. Trusted employees feel respected, and they won’t get distracted by anticipating their next check-in. With even a tiny amount of trust, you can reduce stress significantly.

Value Your Employees

Letting your employees know they’re doing good work has tremendous effects on their performance, self-worth, and purpose. With a bit of appreciation, employees are more likely to stay happy and invest more effort in the company.

Don’t Fear the Flexible Work Schedule

Coming out of lockdown, most employees have grown very comfortable with remote work and would like it to continue, at least in some capacity. Companies that have maintained a rigid stance on returning to the office full time have seen significant drop-offs in retention. By embracing a flexible work schedule and allowing employees to work from home, you will win their respect while improving productivity.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Let your employees know they can take breaks when they need to. Try walk-and-talk style meetings. Allow your employees to disconnect from their work email and communications services after hours so they can more easily switch off at home. A workplace that focuses on health and stress reduction is highly desirable, especially in a world that already pursues results relentlessly.

Build a Strong Health Benefits Program

If your workplace has some kind of health benefits program, reliable talent will come running. Gym memberships, mindfulness classes, and securing discounts on sports equipment are just some of the ways you can start building an excellent health program.

As an employer, you can allow employees to take time to get check-ups, eye exams, and vaccinations when they need to, as well. With the right program, you can signal to your employees that you care about them, and they will respond in kind.

Strengthen Your HR Department

A strong Human Resources (or People Operations) department not only protects your company but also works to keep your employees safe, healthy, and comfortable. Your HR department can help you implement different strategies and work schedules that help your employees work effectively and stress-free. It only helps your employees feel empowered to speak when they have input that could benefit themselves and the company.

Play Smarter

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